2024 International Conference on Civil Engineering Structures and Concrete Materials (CESCM 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

· 土木工程材料/Materials of Civil Engineering

· 混凝土流变学/Rheology of Concrete

· 无机非金属材料及物理性能/Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials and Physical Properties

· 金属材料物理材性/Physical Properties of Metal Materials

· 3D打印混凝土材料/3D Printing Concrete Materials

· 纤维材料及物理性能/Fiber Materials and Physical Properties

· 土木工程材料表观及微观分析/Apparent and Microscopic Analysis of Civil Engineering Materials

· 水泥基材料分析/Analysis of Cement-Based Materials

· 材料质量与控制/Material Quality and Control

· 聚合物材料/Polymer Materials

· 地聚物材料/Geopolymer Material

· 材料与构件/Materials and Components

· 钢筋疲劳与应力分析/Fatigue and Stress Analysis of Reinforcement

· 大体积混凝土浇筑温度监测/Temperature Monitoring for Large Volume Concrete Pouring

· 结构抗震/Structural Seismic Resistance

· 地震波/Seismic Wave

· 地震荷载力分析/Seismic Load Analysis

· 抗震实验及分析/Seismic Experiment and Analysis

· 地震与阻挠器/Earthquake and Blocker

· 结构抗震设计/Structural Seismic Design

· 地震信号探测/Seismic Signal Detection

· 结构抗震设计计算原理/Principles of Structural Seismic Design Calculation

· 混凝土结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Building

· 砌体结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Masonry Structure Building

· 钢结构建筑抗震设计/Seismic Design of Steel Structure Building

· 混凝土结构梁式桥抗震设计/Seismic Design of Concrete Structure Beam Bridge

· 结构减隔震技术/Structural Seismic Isolation Technology

· 结构抗震加固改造设计/Structural Seismic Reinforcement and Transformation Design

· 结构的动力分析/Dynamic Analysis of Structure

· 地震作用计算/Earthquake Calculation

· 墙体承载力验算/Wall Bearing Capacity Check

· 工程结构/Engineering Structure

· 高层建筑和大跨度结构/High-rise Building and Large-span Structure

· 桥梁工程和荷载分析/Bridge Engineering and Load Analysis

· 结构工程/Structural Engineering

· 结构动力学/Structural Dynamics

· 结构力学/Structural Mechanics

· 材料力学/Material Mechanics

· 理论力学/Theoretical Mechanics

· 结构荷载分析/Structural Load Analysis

· 混凝土结构/Concrete Structure

· 力学分析/Mechanical Analysis

· 隧道及地下结构/Tunnels and Underground Structure

· 钢结构/Steel Structure

· 金属结构/Metal Structure

· 力学解构相关智能算法/Intelligent Algorithm for Mechanical Deconstruction